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Brand StoryBeginning withtheSunrise

When the first rays of the sun rise each day,
Sunlight filters through windows, illuminating every awakening home,
Touching every piece of furniture within those homes.People begin to read time alongside all things,
Understanding their families.
As night falls and countless lights fill the homes,
People find warmth in the scenes created by each piece of furniture,
Expressing various interpretations of life.

A BrandfortheFurnitureErqAwakening

Over the past two decades,
While much of China's furniture industry has been imitating Western home lifestyles,
There are some Chinese brands quietly voicing
Their unique design language.
They focus on creativity within the Chinese
Furniture brand landscape,
Exploring self-aesthetics and expressing modern interpretations of Eastern living.
JIYUEKA,a brand rooted
In the furniture industry for 20 years,
Awakened itself in 2020.



JIYUEKA,founded in 2020,is located in Foshan, China,
Within the Greater Bay Area of the Pearl River Delta.
As an innovative Chinese original furniture design brand,
It has deep roots in the furniture industry for nearly two decades.
With an integrated supply chain covering brand operations,
Product development, and sales, JIYUEKA upholds
The brand spirit of“Reading Homes,Understanding People.”
Their mission is to be a furniture brand that truly
Comprehends both homes and people,
Providing warm, comfortable,
And stylish human-centric high-quality furniture for modern families.


Read HomesFirst,ThenUnderstand Them

JYUEKA's establishment stems from founder

Mr. Gao Zhenhua's profound understanding of“homes and people.”

A genuinely self-committed furniture brand with

its own design language must first excel at reading homes before truly understanding them.

By understanding people's lifestyles, they can become a brand

that comprehends the way of life and delivers better,

more human-centered high-quality products to the world

Producing furniture for families and the people

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